Towel Bar

When I bought my home the bathrooms had these pretty copperish colored metal towel bars. They matched the toilet paper roll thingy ( what is the name of that thing that holds the toilet paper mounted to the wall? Brain fart, lol ) and the hand towel rings. I liked them enough but my kids will destroy anything and in both bathrooms the towel bars were ripped off the walls. ( more than once smh )

When I finally had enough lol ( about 6 months in ) I headed to my stash to see if I had something on hand I could make to replace the towel bars. How about hooks? Towel hooks. It seemed when you thought about it that made more sense. I could use as many hooks as I thought I might need and no more fallen towels laying all over the bathroom floor. I had these three black double hooks ( I only ended up using two ) that I picked up some where, Hobby Lobby perhaps? Perfect! I dug through my scrap pieces of wood and found one liked for the master bath. I came up with this.


The walls in my bathroom are the same basic cream color as the rest of my house. I do have plans to paint my bedroom and bathroom more of a Griege color sometime in the near future. The cute print on the wall was actually something I found laying on the floor on the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby. It looked to be maybe something that was once framed but none of the employees knew exactly where it came from. I offered them a dollar for it, they took it. Score! I sprayed the back of the picture with spray adhesive and stuck it right to my wall. Easy Peasey and It’s held up for over a year.

I don’t want to show to much, this post is about the towel bar and one day, hopefully soon, I will post my Master bed and bath reveal. We don’t want to spoil that by showing to much of it now, would we?
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❤️ Jackie