World Market Sign Hack

I was looking through one of my favorite bloggers site, The Lettered Cottage,when came I across this post.

I instantly fell in love with this sign. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Layla found this handsome devil at World Market. While it was inexpensive and I could have just purchased one myself, I decided I could make one with items I already had on hand.
My sign started out as a herb picture that once hung in my Italian inspired kitchen years and years ago. I have two actually, basil and sage.


I had been hoarding saving them for just the right project and I decided that this was it. I took the picture apart and primed my frame first.

I took it ouside, grabbed some Krylon spray paint and gave it a few thin coats. ( I have no idea why this is blue. Smh )


After a few hours of letting it dry in the sun, I took my palm sander and distressed the frame.

I cut out the words with my Cricut and applied them to the glass that came in the frame. I, of course, kept the original picture. I’m sure I can find a use for it, lol. I glued the glass to the frame with some liquid cement, I picked up at my local Dollar Tree.



Layla didn’t like the wire hanger the picture came with so she ended up trading it out with some twine. It looks super cute. Don’t you just love her backsplash?

I actually like the wonkeyness of the wire, unfortunately I have none on hand. I probably should have waited until I finished my sign but I was so excited how it’s turned out so far, I just couldn’t wait to post!
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❤️ Jackie


Presents for Dad

I wish I could say Father’s Day is just around the corner but it’s actually tomorrow! Yes tomorrow we celebrate our the wonderful men in out lives we call Dad! A girls first love and a boys first hero. My girls and I worked on 2 Father’s Day presents for my Dad today.
First we started with a card. You may seen these fabulous handmade cards using candy bars on Pinterest. I’m not sure exactly what they are called but i searched candy bar sayings for dad on Google Images and they have lots of different ones.
The girls and I hit the grocery store and although we didn’t find all the candy bar we were searching for ours ended up just as cute as the others I’ve seen online. Check it out…

This was so easy and turned out so great we made a second trip to the store for more candies to use on one for my honey. Shhhh don’t tell him..

Ok I know I said two gifts. The idea for my dads other present came from The Shanty 2 Chic blog site. You can find the tutorial for these great Name Signs here.
I wanted to do my dads last name, my maiden name. Moon. Whitney from Shanty to Chic used Dollar store frames so I headed there myself to grab some. I spent about 20 minutes searching through the picture frames until I finally came across four black plastic 3.5 x 5 that matched in size. The color didn’t matter, I was gonna paint them anyway.

I removed the backs and glass from the frames. I used a small paintbrush and painted them with an off white acrylic paint I had on hand.


Sorry the pictures are so dark. I promise I’m working on getting a new camera.

While I waited for the paint to dry ( about 2 hours, after doing two coats ) I hit the internet I find my letters. I actually use the same site Whitney did and just printed them out in black and white on a white card stock. I replaced the glass, cut each letter to fit ( 3.5 x 5 ) And simply tore off the frame stand from the back of the frames. I took my sanding block and lightly distressed each of them. So here’s where the wrench in my plans come in. After searching through my scrap wood I could not find a piece that was wide enough in height to use to attach my frames to like my inspiration piece . So what did I do? I made do. I grabbed a left over piece from another sign project and what do you know,It was almost exactly the same length as the four frames layed side by side. To finish it up I screwed a picture hanger to the back of the board and hot glued each frame on the reverse side.

Back ( before I added the picture hanger )



My version turned out great and I think I like it better without the wood showing, atleast for my dad’s wall. I totally forgot to take a picture after we hung it up but I promise next time I’m at his house I will update this post with a picture of it hung up. The total cost for the Name Sign? $4 plus tax for the frames. Everything else I had on hand. This may be my first sign like this but it definitely won’t be the last.

Here’s Dad’s Father’s Day presents..


We celebrated a day early because my Bff’s wedding is tomorrow!! I can’t wait!!

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Sweet Dreams

Yesterday morning one of my bestest friends fiancé died from a massive heart attack. My heart is so heavy right now. I had planned on working outside yesterday and again today but just haven’t been in the mood. I did work on a project last night that I want to share with you today.

The dream catcher is a Native American tradition that is usually constructed with a willow branch as the hoop, rope or vine as the web and sacred objects such as feathers and beads.It is said that when hung over the head of your bed, the dream catcher will only allow good dreams to pass through. Bad dreams will get caught up in it’s web.

I don’t sleep very well at night so I thought maybe a dream catcher would help. I headed to my office/craftroom looking for stuff I could use to make it. I just happened to be holding on to a piece of thin metal in the shape of a circle that came from the bottom if a lamp shade. Perfect…. Rope? I have rope…So I began to weave the rope around the outside of the metal and then weave a web on the inside. I found directions here and here. My web didn’t turn out all perfect by any means but I kinda like it better like this.


Mine turned out a bit big for over my headboard because of a black shelf. Neither the less I hung it, lol. I used strips I tore from a canvas drop clothe, Dollar Store pearls I had from another project and the some twine that was being used for decor in the top of a book shelf. That’s all I used, along with the circle from an old lamp shade. So my total cost was $0. Go Jackie.

I challenge you to come up with a Diy project using stuff you already have. Thanks for stopping by! Follow, share, leave a comment. Until next time Sweet Dreams!
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Hallway Sign

I love Pinterest, yes I pin, who doesn’t? I love surfing the web and reading other DIY Blogs. Anything that has cottage or shabby in the title immediately catches my eye. The idea for my next project came from My Cottage Charm and as soon as I layed eyes on her hallway signs I knew I had to have one. I’m forever telling guest which hallway door leads to the bathroom. This was the perfect solution, and oh so cute.

So off to Lowes and Hobby Lobby I go for the supplies. I followed the directions on Missy’s blog to assemble my sign but put my own spin on it when labeling it. I painted both sides of my wood piece black , let it dry, then used my Cricut to cut out the word “bath” two times. I then layed the word on both sides if the wood. I used some leftover flat white paint and painted over the whole thing. I removed the vinyl letters ( always remove while paint is still wet to avoid bleeding ) and sanded over the whole thing a bit to give it a worn look. What cha think?

You can find the directions to make your own sign(s) on Missy’s blog My Cottage Charm. Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to see your sign(s) if you decide to take this easy and inexpensive project on yourself.


UPDATE : Christy over at Confessions of a Serial DIYer , made one of these cute bath signs as well. She added her words the old fashion way and it turned out beautiful. Check it out! She has a great tutorial on how to transfer letters.

Give Me a Kiss

In my last post I was off to clean my micro suede couch. Well, not so good. It was so dirty from the dogs running in from outside and jumping up on it. This is a habit they have developed that I am having a hard time breaking. Anyway back to the couch itself. I attempted to clean it with alcohol and water but unfortunately this method did not work for me as well as I had hoped it would. I became frustrated and gave up. 😞

I am still working on the “Teenage Lounge”. Today I hooked up my new printer/fax/copier and decided to fill an empty frame on the wall with a littlre art, courtesy of Google Images. This is a picture from my inspiration board for the Lounge.

I love love love the lips. Did I mention I loved the lips? 💋
This is what I came up with today. My version…

What cha think? Here they are side by side. The inspiration picture makes me want to paint my walls white.

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