Oh Happy Days!

(I have decided, even as I am writing this, that this post is going to be my favorite post I’ve done so far!)

I have been blessed with this amazing opportunity! I have been asked to give my opinion, sort of a review, for Graco’s new airless sprayer. I received this box from Graco’s a few weeks ago and I couldn’t stop smiling all day! I felt like a fat kid in a candy shop!

Open it up, open it up!!

The TrueCoat 360 DS by Graco. I’m told that this airless painter was specifically designed with the DIYer in mind, and believe me it did not disappoint. The painter is lightweight with a comfortable grip. The spray tip allows you to spray horizontally or vertically but wait, there’s more. The Graco TrueCoat 360 Ds has an exclusive FlexLiner Paint Bag System that not only makes set up and clean up easier it allows for spraying from any angle. Graco has also given the customer a choice of reusing the paint bag or just tossing it out.
The company boost that there is no need for thinning your paint and that a wide variety including oils based, paint and stains can be used with the airless paint sprayer. With this in mind I decided to use primer in the sprayer, the first time I used it.


Well folks, our friends at Graco have done it again! My first coat of primer was even,smooth and with no drips!! You say I’m too EXCITED!! by the possibilities not to mention the doors this sprayer is going to open for me.
Here’s another look at the tables after they were sprayed a few days later with a Tiffany Blue color latex paint using the same paint bag I used when I primed them (with a light distressing).

IMG_0091-0.JPG The company suggests warm water or mineral water to clean the gun and bag after each use. The warm water worked for me with both the water based paint and primer. This picture was taken outside and is a little more truer to the actual color of the tables.

The Graco TrueCoat 360 DS Airless Sprayer can be purchased from Lowes or online through Amazon. Believe me fellow DIYers this is a must buy for all your painting needs.
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❤️ Jackie

All opinions are my own. The TrueCoat 360 DS was sent to me by Graco to be reviewed. I received no monetary compensation from Graco.


It’s gone

So my last post disappeared .. Where did it go? I’m tired and it’s late so I will hopefully repost it tomorrow.. Sorry for the inconvenience.

My (first) Halloween Mantel Reveal

Halloween is almost here! 🎃 Are you excited? I know I am. I love to see all the wonderful costumes, the happy little Gouls and Goblins 👻 trick or treating and ofcourse those scary Halloween decorations!
I did not do any decorating outside my house this year because I won’t be here to give out candy. My step daughter and myself are going to Home Depot for their trunk or treat! 🍬
I did decorate my mantel this year for the first time. It started out like this..
I made the Trick or Treat sign with left over wood and my Cricut. The pumpkins are courtesy of the Dollar Store and the Boo plaque was made out of a plague that once said Home Sweet Home or something to that extent with birds and flowers ( think grandmas style ) that I also found at the Dollar Store.
It was a little boring to me and the more I looked at, the more it needed something.. I decided to add a banner I made from using printable banner letters I found over at Shanty2Chic’s blog here. I also added a cute print I found on Google Images and a cut out of a bat, also found on Google Images.

Looks great! Of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I added some branches from my yard that I just spray painted black! Can you see them? What cha think?

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you and the littles enjoy your All Hallows Eve!!
❤️ Jackie

99.44 % Pure

I am so excited by this soap I found today at my local Dollar General for only, you guessed it, a dollar.

I love the retro packaging! I have eczema so this soap is perfect for my sensitive skin. I don’t know why I just bought one today but I plan on stopping by there again tomorrow and buying them out,lol. Not only can my whole family use this but I can see it in a homemade gift basket in the near future!


Quick update

We are in the process of changing our internet provider. The old internet and cable has already been cut off but the new provider won’t be here until Wednesday to hook up the new stuff. I previously tried to post a project called “Sun Tea” a few days ago. Unfortunately without the internet my phone uploads really slow and half of the post was lost 😞.
I have a few projects I have been working on the last few weeks that I am so ready to finish and post. Please be patient with me and I promise I will have them up within the next week!
Thanks for understanding!!
❤️ Jackie


Diy Rope Coasters

I think I have ADD or something. I am forever starting something, then getting side tracked and slacking on it or just not finishing it. Point in case, this blog. Everyday I have been telling myself I will blog tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and I tell myself the same thing. So here I am, ashamed and head hung low, for disappointing my readers and myself. ( hey, atleast it was only a few weeks this time and not a whole year, lol. )
So I was staring at my now coffee table ( I already have plans for a new one ) and I realized that my coasters where missing. Then I remembered, one of the dogs chewed half of them up and I threw them out a few weeks ago. I loved these coasters, I mean LOVED, them. They where Mid Century Modern and if you know me, you know I love MCM.
The coffee table looked empty with out them so I decided to make a temporary pair for now. I saw these coasters somewhere months back and saved the picture to my phone. Had I realized I would be blogging about them I would have bookmarked the page. If you know the source please let me know.

I know I have some rope and I thought maybe I would use some cardboard for the bottom. My thinking is that the rope will absorb the condensation from a cold drink enough, that it wouldn’t get the cardboard wet. I traced a can of beans on the cardboard and cut out my circles.


I decided to use my glue gun to adhere the rope to the cardboard. I just glued it on in circular pattern like on my inspiration pic.


It was just that simple and easy. I spent no money since I had very thing on hand. Here they are on my coffee table and I think they look great!



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Metal Sign Mess Up

Hi fellow DIYers!!! The rain has stopped but I’m not feeling the yard work thing today. Maybe I will a little later but for now,I have a project to share with you. I saw this metal sign from Gina on the Shabby Creek Cottage blog and knew I had to have one.

Isn’t it the cutest? I set off to make my own yesterday. I started by spray painting an old metal sign I had black, cut out the words with my Cricut and stuck them to the sign. I was finished!!

I really liked this look, but Gina attached the letters, then painted over them in white and then took the letters off. You can read about it on her blog here. The more I looked at hers, then mine, then hers again, lol, I decided I wanted mine to look more like hers. So I took my sign back outside and got out the white spray paint. I sprayed painted over the while thing In white and when it dried I removed the letters. This is what I got..

I didn’t press the letters down hard enough so some of the white paint seeped under the letters when I painted the sign. Did I mess up? 😞 The sign has a worn, shabby look. I was a little disappointed but when life makes you lemons…. I got out my sanding block and went to work distressing the edges and the face of the sign.
Ok, this is my dilemma, should I paint the sign black again and just start over? Or run with what I have? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Here’s a side by side by side ( lol ) pictures of Gina’s sign and mine, before and after. To be truthful I like Gina’s the best but mines not too bad.