Sun Tea

If you’ve seen my sign, Sweet Tea Served Here then you know I love sweet tea. Some would say its so addicting it’s like liquid crack to some of us Southerners, lol.. If you haven’t seen my sign you can check out it here. My grandmother, who’s been on my mind lately, inspired my next project.

Sun Tea is something my grandmother made every summer, a family tradition if you would. I decided this summer I will carry on that tradition.
A lot of people grill outside during the summer, not only for the taste of BBQ but to keep our houses from getting any hotter than they already are. The same idea with Sun Tea. Instead of heating up the stove by boiling the water for the tea, we have learned to let the hot summer sun do all the work.
I started with a big ole pickle jar. I washed it several times by hand and then ran it through the dishwasher a few more. Nothing ruins tea then a hint of pickle taste in it, lol.

Ofcourse I had to make it pretty, so I powered up my Cricut and got to work. I used my Plantin Schoolhouse cartridge an cut out the word Tea in black vinyl. I also used my Home Accent cartridge to cut out what I thought could pass for the sun, lol. Painted the lid with some green spray paint from my stash and she was ready to go.



I placed 6 tea bags inside the jar and set it outside next to my Salsa Garden .

Just an hour later and it looks ready. I will let it sit a few more hours before bringing her inside, adding a cup ( or 2 ) of sugar and popping her in the refrigerator.

Thanks for stopping by!
❤️ Jackie


Garden Markers

My Salsa Garden turned out great and I’ve already got 4 banana peppers and a Jalapeno pepper out there! I can’t wait for the tomatoes to start growing!
I wanted to make garden markers for each set of plants so I searched google images to get some ideas. They had all sorts of different ones and I really loved the stamped spoons. Unfortunately I don’t have a metal stamping kits so I had to go another route. What I did have were these really cute chalkboard clips I got for ten cents on clearance at my local Micheals. I also had on hand some left over sticks I used on my starburst mirrors.


This is jut about one of the easiest projects by far. All I did was break the sticks in half an clipped a chalkboard clip to the end of each stick.



My problem now is where am I gonna find chalk small enough to write on them? I’m thinking a white colored pencil will do the trick. I will send my girls on a scavenger hunt later this afternoon for one. Here they are in the Salsa Garden .



I’m really considering buying a metal stamp kit later this week, there’s so much u can do with one. Thanks for stopping by and please like, follow, share and comment!!
❤️ Jackie

My Salsa Garden

I really wanted to plant a little garden on the side of my house next to the driveway. My father gave me 3 tomatoes plants and 4 each of banana and Jalapeno pepper plants. The spot I picked gets a lot of sun. The problem is the ground there is very hard and I’m thinking there is Alabama Red Clay just under the surface similar to my back yard. I don’t have a tiller 😞. I’m impatient and don’t want to wait to borrow my dads 😞. Solution? Pallet Garden!!
I called up my mom and asked her if she had some landscaping fabric and after checking she did! Well she had a piece that she thought would be big enough. It was.
I grabbed my staple gun and stapled the fabric my mom gave me phono to what will be the bottom of my pallet garden and the sides.



I filled the bottom of the pallet up with potting soil and me and my daughters planted our pallet garden. I threw a cilantro plant in there I was growing in the kitchen in the garden and TaDa! A Salsa Garden!!




There is an empty space in the back on the right. I’m thinking some kind of onion to complete my salsa ingredients. I already have a few banana peppers and a Jalapeno pepper growing from where the’ve been sitting on the front porch for the last few weeks. ( I’m a procrastinator )



There she is. Did I mention my very first garden EVER? Of course I need to make her pretty. Make some really cute vegetable markers for sure. I don’t know what else I would do, you will just have to wait and see I guess 😘.

Thanks for stopping by and if you’ve planted your own garden this summer I would sure love to see it in the comments below.
❤️, Jackie

Yard Work

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday yesterday. I know I did. Today I am out in the yard. I am new to yard work, lol, I have only cut the grass in the past. ( hey that rhymes lol ) We own this home, it’s our first home and ofcourse I want to keep it up and make it all pretty outside as well as inside. Here’s the front of the house.



Not so pretty now but you know I have big plans. First on the menu? Cut down the shrubs you see in the pictures. Which I did but unfortunately it started pouring down rain just as I was finishing up so I won’t have any after picture til tomorrow. 😞
Do you remember this bunch from a few days ago?

Well I finished a few of the projects. I will feature each of them when I finish them all, but here is a sneak peek of a few of the items I have I been working on the last few days.

Tomorrow I plan to work in the yard again. I have plans for my first garden ever!!! So stay tuned…