That’s me, Jaclyn, but nowadays most people call me Jackie.. I am a full time mom of 2 teenage daughters still at home and 2 grown sons. My girls will start homeschool via the Internet in August. Me and my 5yr boyfriend just purchased our own house a year ago. I own a small (mostly music & events) promotion company where, at the moment, I am the only employee. I have been on a hiatus from promotion work for about 2 years. I have been exploring some of my other interests and trying to spend more time with my family.

I consider myself crafty and creative. Growing up I liked to cross stick and do other crafts like, make barrettes and bows. I have always liked to paint things, take pictures, dance, write poems, etc. I love to go thrift shopping and I can always find a bargain (contemplating becoming a couponer as we speak, lol). I am a bit of a hoarder ( one room lol ) and a curb side picker, but I have created a lot of things in my home from my finds. I want to refurbish, recycle, reuse. I want to share my ideas with others, I want to learn, and I want to see people smile.

So follow me as I try to write this blog, attempt diy projects (big and small), raise two teenage girls and chase dreams…


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Jaclyn, how are you? Welcome to WordPress! It’s a pleasure to have you here. I wish the best of luck in all your blogging endeavors for 2013! I only started out on WordPress almost three months ago, but the supportive community here is truly amazing. I hope you meet some inspirational people along the way! Take care, love. Your boyfriend is truly fortunate to have you. 😉

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