My Salsa Garden

I really wanted to plant a little garden on the side of my house next to the driveway. My father gave me 3 tomatoes plants and 4 each of banana and Jalapeno pepper plants. The spot I picked gets a lot of sun. The problem is the ground there is very hard and I’m thinking there is Alabama Red Clay just under the surface similar to my back yard. I don’t have a tiller 😞. I’m impatient and don’t want to wait to borrow my dads 😞. Solution? Pallet Garden!!
I called up my mom and asked her if she had some landscaping fabric and after checking she did! Well she had a piece that she thought would be big enough. It was.
I grabbed my staple gun and stapled the fabric my mom gave me phono to what will be the bottom of my pallet garden and the sides.



I filled the bottom of the pallet up with potting soil and me and my daughters planted our pallet garden. I threw a cilantro plant in there I was growing in the kitchen in the garden and TaDa! A Salsa Garden!!




There is an empty space in the back on the right. I’m thinking some kind of onion to complete my salsa ingredients. I already have a few banana peppers and a Jalapeno pepper growing from where the’ve been sitting on the front porch for the last few weeks. ( I’m a procrastinator )



There she is. Did I mention my very first garden EVER? Of course I need to make her pretty. Make some really cute vegetable markers for sure. I don’t know what else I would do, you will just have to wait and see I guess 😘.

Thanks for stopping by and if you’ve planted your own garden this summer I would sure love to see it in the comments below.
❤️, Jackie


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