Sweet Dreams

Yesterday morning one of my bestest friends fiancé died from a massive heart attack. My heart is so heavy right now. I had planned on working outside yesterday and again today but just haven’t been in the mood. I did work on a project last night that I want to share with you today.

The dream catcher is a Native American tradition that is usually constructed with a willow branch as the hoop, rope or vine as the web and sacred objects such as feathers and beads.It is said that when hung over the head of your bed, the dream catcher will only allow good dreams to pass through. Bad dreams will get caught up in it’s web.

I don’t sleep very well at night so I thought maybe a dream catcher would help. I headed to my office/craftroom looking for stuff I could use to make it. I just happened to be holding on to a piece of thin metal in the shape of a circle that came from the bottom if a lamp shade. Perfect…. Rope? I have rope…So I began to weave the rope around the outside of the metal and then weave a web on the inside. I found directions here and here. My web didn’t turn out all perfect by any means but I kinda like it better like this.


Mine turned out a bit big for over my headboard because of a black shelf. Neither the less I hung it, lol. I used strips I tore from a canvas drop clothe, Dollar Store pearls I had from another project and the some twine that was being used for decor in the top of a book shelf. That’s all I used, along with the circle from an old lamp shade. So my total cost was $0. Go Jackie.

I challenge you to come up with a Diy project using stuff you already have. Thanks for stopping by! Follow, share, leave a comment. Until next time Sweet Dreams!
❤️ Jackie


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