Hallway Sign

I love Pinterest, yes I pin, who doesn’t? I love surfing the web and reading other DIY Blogs. Anything that has cottage or shabby in the title immediately catches my eye. The idea for my next project came from My Cottage Charm and as soon as I layed eyes on her hallway signs I knew I had to have one. I’m forever telling guest which hallway door leads to the bathroom. This was the perfect solution, and oh so cute.

So off to Lowes and Hobby Lobby I go for the supplies. I followed the directions on Missy’s blog to assemble my sign but put my own spin on it when labeling it. I painted both sides of my wood piece black , let it dry, then used my Cricut to cut out the word “bath” two times. I then layed the word on both sides if the wood. I used some leftover flat white paint and painted over the whole thing. I removed the vinyl letters ( always remove while paint is still wet to avoid bleeding ) and sanded over the whole thing a bit to give it a worn look. What cha think?

You can find the directions to make your own sign(s) on Missy’s blog My Cottage Charm. Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to see your sign(s) if you decide to take this easy and inexpensive project on yourself.


UPDATE : Christy over at Confessions of a Serial DIYer , made one of these cute bath signs as well. She added her words the old fashion way and it turned out beautiful. Check it out! She has a great tutorial on how to transfer letters.

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