Give Me a Kiss

In my last post I was off to clean my micro suede couch. Well, not so good. It was so dirty from the dogs running in from outside and jumping up on it. This is a habit they have developed that I am having a hard time breaking. Anyway back to the couch itself. I attempted to clean it with alcohol and water but unfortunately this method did not work for me as well as I had hoped it would. I became frustrated and gave up. 😞

I am still working on the “Teenage Lounge”. Today I hooked up my new printer/fax/copier and decided to fill an empty frame on the wall with a littlre art, courtesy of Google Images. This is a picture from my inspiration board for the Lounge.

I love love love the lips. Did I mention I loved the lips? 💋
This is what I came up with today. My version…

What cha think? Here they are side by side. The inspiration picture makes me want to paint my walls white.

Leave a comment and tell me what ya think.


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