Laziness or MCM End Table Redo ( Part 2 )

I have no excuse for not posting in the last several days, except plain laziness. Sure I have been busy, but I have had time to post, I just haven’t. Another reason I haven’t posted is due to laziness ( again ) because I haven’t taken a new after picture of my gold dipped MCM end table. This picture is after it was painted white, taped and then painted gold in the bottoms of the legs.


I really wanted to take a great pic, with an all white back ground and make it look all professional. I do have a picture of it that took shortly after I finished it. I’m posting that today before you guys totally forget about that project all together, lol. So, without further ado…


Today I am working on cleaning my microfiber couch with instructions I found on Pinterest. I will let you know how it went tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “Laziness or MCM End Table Redo ( Part 2 )

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