The Entryway

Today I’m going to share with you my entryway. This room ( is it considered a room? ) is almost done. Below is my inspiration board for the entryway.


I think you can see what I’m going for in the pictures. We need a place for umbrella’s and backpacks. Somewhere to sit, take off your shoes and a place to put them. Of course, I want it to look cottagey and cute.This is what I’ve done so far in the entryway, using mostly curbside finds.

This is the view from the front door as you walk in.



The chalk board was once a picture of three little girls that came from Kirkland’s. It was pretty but no longer matched my decorating style. I gave it a quick face life with some chalkboard paint right over the picture and then some aqua spray paint to give the frame a new look.The horseshoes,I found in my Granddad’s garage and just spray painted and hung.

This is the Entryway left of the front doors, when you walk in.


Looks a lot like my inspiration board doesn’t it? 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Both the coat rack and the shelf were curbside finds that I rescued, painted and added new hardware to.
The bench, from Martha Stewart,was purchased at Home Depo and is the only thing that is new in this space.
The inspiration board

My version again

All that’s left really is to paint, throw a rug down, add dress this blank wall that’s on the right of the doors as you walk in ( across from hallway closet ) Don’t worry, I already have an idea for this wall.

Such a sad looking wall 😞😞😞😞. I hope to finish the entryway in the next few weeks. Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for the reveal.. 💋💋💋


Metal Sign Mess Up

Hi fellow DIYers!!! The rain has stopped but I’m not feeling the yard work thing today. Maybe I will a little later but for now,I have a project to share with you. I saw this metal sign from Gina on the Shabby Creek Cottage blog and knew I had to have one.

Isn’t it the cutest? I set off to make my own yesterday. I started by spray painting an old metal sign I had black, cut out the words with my Cricut and stuck them to the sign. I was finished!!

I really liked this look, but Gina attached the letters, then painted over them in white and then took the letters off. You can read about it on her blog here. The more I looked at hers, then mine, then hers again, lol, I decided I wanted mine to look more like hers. So I took my sign back outside and got out the white spray paint. I sprayed painted over the while thing In white and when it dried I removed the letters. This is what I got..

I didn’t press the letters down hard enough so some of the white paint seeped under the letters when I painted the sign. Did I mess up? 😞 The sign has a worn, shabby look. I was a little disappointed but when life makes you lemons…. I got out my sanding block and went to work distressing the edges and the face of the sign.
Ok, this is my dilemma, should I paint the sign black again and just start over? Or run with what I have? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Here’s a side by side by side ( lol ) pictures of Gina’s sign and mine, before and after. To be truthful I like Gina’s the best but mines not too bad.


Yard Work

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday yesterday. I know I did. Today I am out in the yard. I am new to yard work, lol, I have only cut the grass in the past. ( hey that rhymes lol ) We own this home, it’s our first home and ofcourse I want to keep it up and make it all pretty outside as well as inside. Here’s the front of the house.



Not so pretty now but you know I have big plans. First on the menu? Cut down the shrubs you see in the pictures. Which I did but unfortunately it started pouring down rain just as I was finishing up so I won’t have any after picture til tomorrow. 😞
Do you remember this bunch from a few days ago?

Well I finished a few of the projects. I will feature each of them when I finish them all, but here is a sneak peek of a few of the items I have I been working on the last few days.

Tomorrow I plan to work in the yard again. I have plans for my first garden ever!!! So stay tuned…

Project Grab Bag

So today I have been cleaning and organizing the office/craft room/mom cave. I ran across a lot of junk stuff I had totally forgotten I had. I picked a few things and decided I would do atleast one project a day using these things. Here they are..


I figure this is a great way to start clearing out stuff as well as give me a blog topic for the day ( trying to start blogging everyday ). Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for any of the items in the picture? A piece of wood painted black, a glass flower vase painted yellow, an empty wine bottle ( Moscato I think ), a wooden duck painted green, 2 metal signs and one of those things you sit a big candle on? Lol … I already have a few ideas. If you listen closely you can even hear the wheels turning in my head, lol. Now back to cleaning and organizing the room.

Gold Dipped Bar Stool

You may remember the barstool I primed last week along with my Ikea Lack Lookalike table. I finished her today and I think she’s beautiful.

Well what do you think? I’m actually gonna use it as a side/drink table in the Lounge. I can’t wait til I am finished with the room and can show you the reveal!! Here it is again, before and after.

I know it’s hard to tell in the picture but the seat is gold, the legs light pink with gold again at the bottom. I’m loving the whole “gold dip” movement.

Speaking of awful pictures, my pictures are just that, AWFUL. I’m using the camera on my iPhone and it’s just not cutting it. I also think I need to take advantage of the internet and research how to stage my stuff for great pictures. Does anyone have any suggestions on some sites or blogs I should look at?

Hallway Sign

I love Pinterest, yes I pin, who doesn’t? I love surfing the web and reading other DIY Blogs. Anything that has cottage or shabby in the title immediately catches my eye. The idea for my next project came from My Cottage Charm and as soon as I layed eyes on her hallway signs I knew I had to have one. I’m forever telling guest which hallway door leads to the bathroom. This was the perfect solution, and oh so cute.

So off to Lowes and Hobby Lobby I go for the supplies. I followed the directions on Missy’s blog to assemble my sign but put my own spin on it when labeling it. I painted both sides of my wood piece black , let it dry, then used my Cricut to cut out the word “bath” two times. I then layed the word on both sides if the wood. I used some leftover flat white paint and painted over the whole thing. I removed the vinyl letters ( always remove while paint is still wet to avoid bleeding ) and sanded over the whole thing a bit to give it a worn look. What cha think?

You can find the directions to make your own sign(s) on Missy’s blog My Cottage Charm. Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to see your sign(s) if you decide to take this easy and inexpensive project on yourself.


UPDATE : Christy over at Confessions of a Serial DIYer , made one of these cute bath signs as well. She added her words the old fashion way and it turned out beautiful. Check it out! She has a great tutorial on how to transfer letters.

Ikea Lack Lookalike Hack (part 1)

I made it back, aren’t you proud of me? During the break, lol, I planned on working on the appearance of my blog. Unfortunately I got sidetracked ( as usual ) and began working on my Ikea Lack side table lookalike. Today I primed it along with a bar stool I had sitting around. I did not take a before pic of the table but here’s a before of the stool.

Here it is primed and sorting besides the primed side table. You can see how my table looks almost exactly like the Ikea Lack Side Table.

I will wait for them to dry overnight then I will sand both of them a little to try and remove the brush strokes before I spray paint them (next time I will def. use foam rollers and brushes).
Until then….