Mid Century Modern Side Table Redo ( part 1 )

I am currently working on my daughters “teenage lounge”. Below is my inspiration board. I know it’s not fancy, I used my Pic Stitch app, but hey it works for me 😀.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, let me say this now… I love Mid Century Modern furniture. I own a few pieces including a side/telephone table, a chest of drawers and a chair. This Mid Century Modern table is very close to the one I have. ( I have already primed mine and forgot to take before pictures, thank you google images )

Did you noticed the side table on my inspiration board? The white one with the gold dipped legs? Well I think my Mid Century Modern side table would look great painted like that. As I said before I have already primed my table. I used Kiltz because that is what I had on hand. Here she is now just waiting to be finished. I have the gold spray paint but when I just looked, I am totally out of white (except the $1 kind from Walmart and ummm no, lol )

Tomorrow I will finish her up, after a quick trip to Lowe’s to pick up that white spray paint. So stay tuned…


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