Bad Weather

I live in Alabama and if you’ve been keeping up with the weather then you know we’ve had many tornados come across our state yesterday. Several of these tornados even touched down . I am keeping all the people affected by this sever weather in my prayers tonight.

Due to the bad weather I haven’t done much except stay in the house and clean. Yesterday was my Love’s 34th Birthday but we stayed in and enjoyed a quiet night alone with each other. I did have a chance to finish my MCM end table but I haven’t been motivated to get up and take pictures. ( sorry please forgive me ) I also revamped a diy record bowl for to sit on it that looks GRREAT ( in my Tony the Tiger voice ). I promise to post pictures tomorrow afternoon. Tonight I’m going to snuggle up and listen to the rain…




I have two projects to show you that I just finished yesterday. I plan on finishing up the side table, I told you about a few days ago, later today.

This is a found piece of wood, I painted white. I cut out the words with my Cricut, stuck them on the wood and spray painted over the whole thing with black spray paint. I removed the letters, with the help of my sweetie, and ta da! Perfect for our fence!


Here it is again with my vicious puppy standing guard. ( he’s a softy and spoiled little baby, nothing vicious about this one lol )


I love it!!

This was originally a metal sign from Hobby Lobby I purchases for $.75 on the clearance isle. It said something about shopping and even though I love to shop, it just wasn’t me. I redid it to put on my gallery wall in the Den. This time I spray painted the sign black , then added the vinyl cutouts I made with my Cricut in white.


I stole got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Gina (I feel like I stalk her blog 😁) over at The Shabby Creek Cottage
The number 8 represents our family.. I have 4 kids and Jamie has 2.. Add me and him and that makes 8 (didn’t know I was a math genius did you? Lol )
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Mid Century Modern Side Table Redo ( part 1 )

I am currently working on my daughters “teenage lounge”. Below is my inspiration board. I know it’s not fancy, I used my Pic Stitch app, but hey it works for me 😀.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, let me say this now… I love Mid Century Modern furniture. I own a few pieces including a side/telephone table, a chest of drawers and a chair. This Mid Century Modern table is very close to the one I have. ( I have already primed mine and forgot to take before pictures, thank you google images )

Did you noticed the side table on my inspiration board? The white one with the gold dipped legs? Well I think my Mid Century Modern side table would look great painted like that. As I said before I have already primed my table. I used Kiltz because that is what I had on hand. Here she is now just waiting to be finished. I have the gold spray paint but when I just looked, I am totally out of white (except the $1 kind from Walmart and ummm no, lol )

Tomorrow I will finish her up, after a quick trip to Lowe’s to pick up that white spray paint. So stay tuned…


It’s been a year since my last post. A long year. I haven’t had much time to enjoy doing the crafty things I so love to do. It doesn’t help that I am a procrastinator by nature, lol. One thing I am not is a quitter so I’m back and ready to go!!
So I have been hoarding collecting a bunch of junk items that I have found in thrift stores, yard sales and on curb sides. We now have a room dedicated to store all my treasures. A room which could be used for my step daughter’s bedroom ( she’s with us everytime school is out; holiday breaks, spring break, summer time and almost every weekend).
Finally I have decided enough is enough and it’s time to get to doing not just dreaming, planning and talking about it.
So without further ado…

I saw this sign on Gina @ The Shabby Creek Cottage’s blog and fell in love. I am from and live in the South, Sweet Home Alabama , to be exact.. So sweet tea is a staple and consumed all day, everyday. You will find it served at any given meal in a Southerner’s home.


I started with four pieces of wooden fence I had found on the side of the road. They had been sitting propped up against the house in the back yard since last summer. I cut them down a little and since this was actually my first time ever using a skill saw, the pieces were not exactly the same size nor cut straight.
Exactly what I was going for, Lol ( not really but go with it ). I glued the boards together with wood glue, then secured them on one side with two scrap pieces I wood. I tried cutting out stencils with my Cricut but I got frustrated and decided to use the actual letters instead. I lightly spray painted over them, then pulled the letters off and let the natural wood be the colors of the words and the white be the background. Totally opposite from my inspiration really but I love the way it turned out.


Here it is again … Gina's on the left, mine on the right…


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