The Crap Room No More

Today I , well yesterday really, I started cleaning organizing, purging and straightening up my office/craft room/mom cave.. Or as the babe calls my “crap room “. I think I mentioned before I love a good thrift store, yard sale, curbside find. The office ( as we will now call it ) still has some organizing, purging and straightening up to go before I can really start working on it. I have BIG dreams for this room.
Here is the only before I could find. Mostly because I’m tired and don’t feel like searching for another one right now 😦


That is actually a good picture. Midway thru I would say. The pile one the right was basically all over both sides when I started. I previously moved alot of furniture ( mostly headboards) from the left side into the back room, what used to be the guest room/man cave. ( my poor boo, it is now a storage room.) This is what it looks like tonight.


The plan is to finish up tomorrow so I can get started on the projects that are left for this room.
Stay tuned…


A Dresser for Nadja

My 7yr old stepdaughter usually comes and stays the majority of the summer with us. My 12yr old, Dahlia will soon be 13 and has been complaining about sharing her room with her stepsister again when school is out. “Mom, I need my own space” she says.

We have a small room in the back of my house that originally was the guest room/man cave/office. Right now the room is slowly being packed full of all my crap, treasures to be stored, while I organize and clean out my office/craft room/mom cave and until I can buy an outside storage shed.

Ok, ok back to the point. I have decided to use this room for my stepdaughter while she is here over the summer… The room houses a futon so that will be her bed.. Looky, looky what I found yesterday on the curb just waiting to be rescued and put to good use..


This little gem was calling my name. I can imagine it painted a sweet color with cute knobs. The top was already detached and the tracks were missing from the drawers but nothing I couldn’t handle lol.


Stay tuned…