Dahlia’s Room


Happy Hump Day!! When we moved into our new home just over a year ago our girls finally got their own rooms… We brought with us the black furniture they shared ( pictured above ) and it now has a home in my youngest daughter’s room. Dahlia, or Mimi as we like to call her, is very pleased that she has her own room now. ( She does still have to share it on the weekends with her younger step sister, Nadja )I also brought along their old bedding but everything else you see is stuff we have created or found for her room over the past year.



Mimi picked out that awful pepto bismol pink that is on the walls. I suggested we paint them white or even a lighter shade of pink. As you can see Mimi won, it is her room after all.After I painted the walls I added a chalkboard directly to the wall with chalkboard paint.


Above the twin beds I used black plastic frames from the Dollar Tree and just removed the glass and backing. I love the way empty frames look on a wall but in her room they just didn’t look right soooooo… I headed to my crap craft room to look for some inspiration. I purchased a Cricut a few month before and I hadn’t used it yet.. Perfect! My first attempt with vinyl on the Cricut was about to begin. What I ended up with is the crowns you see displayed with in the black frames. Very suiting I thought, since my girls are my little princesses.
I still have a few more ideas and changes I’d like to incorporate in her room including changing the curtains ( too much sunlight in the morning ) and doing something useful with the second closet ( which is now home to overgrown clothes and unwanted knick knacks.) Stay tuned!


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