Fun With Coffee Filters

Decorating with coffee filters? Yes, coffee filters. I have 6 cream lanterns; 3 small, 3 large, that I wanted to use in some kind of way in my home. I especially wanted to use a few in my office/craftroom. My colors are blue and white in there tho and Id rather not accent with cream ( the colors of the lanterns ). I decided to give them a face lift with some white coffee filters. This is how it went.
I grabbed a few packs of white coffee
filters from my local Dollar Tree, my hot glue gun, a lantern and got to work..


I actually took that picture from google images because I forgot to take pictures while I was doing it. It is the exact steps I took to make my lantern. If you know the source please let me know.
Here’s a before…


And my afters….


I used fishing line and a tack to secure it to the ceiling. The project took a lot of patience on my end but was very east to do. I have made 2 far, one for me, one for a friend.
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Diy Rope Coasters

I think I have ADD or something. I am forever starting something, then getting side tracked and slacking on it or just not finishing it. Point in case, this blog. Everyday I have been telling myself I will blog tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and I tell myself the same thing. So here I am, ashamed and head hung low, for disappointing my readers and myself. ( hey, atleast it was only a few weeks this time and not a whole year, lol. )
So I was staring at my now coffee table ( I already have plans for a new one ) and I realized that my coasters where missing. Then I remembered, one of the dogs chewed half of them up and I threw them out a few weeks ago. I loved these coasters, I mean LOVED, them. They where Mid Century Modern and if you know me, you know I love MCM.
The coffee table looked empty with out them so I decided to make a temporary pair for now. I saw these coasters somewhere months back and saved the picture to my phone. Had I realized I would be blogging about them I would have bookmarked the page. If you know the source please let me know.

I know I have some rope and I thought maybe I would use some cardboard for the bottom. My thinking is that the rope will absorb the condensation from a cold drink enough, that it wouldn’t get the cardboard wet. I traced a can of beans on the cardboard and cut out my circles.


I decided to use my glue gun to adhere the rope to the cardboard. I just glued it on in circular pattern like on my inspiration pic.


It was just that simple and easy. I spent no money since I had very thing on hand. Here they are on my coffee table and I think they look great!



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Garden Markers

My Salsa Garden turned out great and I’ve already got 4 banana peppers and a Jalapeno pepper out there! I can’t wait for the tomatoes to start growing!
I wanted to make garden markers for each set of plants so I searched google images to get some ideas. They had all sorts of different ones and I really loved the stamped spoons. Unfortunately I don’t have a metal stamping kits so I had to go another route. What I did have were these really cute chalkboard clips I got for ten cents on clearance at my local Micheals. I also had on hand some left over sticks I used on my starburst mirrors.


This is jut about one of the easiest projects by far. All I did was break the sticks in half an clipped a chalkboard clip to the end of each stick.



My problem now is where am I gonna find chalk small enough to write on them? I’m thinking a white colored pencil will do the trick. I will send my girls on a scavenger hunt later this afternoon for one. Here they are in the Salsa Garden .



I’m really considering buying a metal stamp kit later this week, there’s so much u can do with one. Thanks for stopping by and please like, follow, share and comment!!
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My Salsa Garden

I really wanted to plant a little garden on the side of my house next to the driveway. My father gave me 3 tomatoes plants and 4 each of banana and Jalapeno pepper plants. The spot I picked gets a lot of sun. The problem is the ground there is very hard and I’m thinking there is Alabama Red Clay just under the surface similar to my back yard. I don’t have a tiller 😞. I’m impatient and don’t want to wait to borrow my dads 😞. Solution? Pallet Garden!!
I called up my mom and asked her if she had some landscaping fabric and after checking she did! Well she had a piece that she thought would be big enough. It was.
I grabbed my staple gun and stapled the fabric my mom gave me phono to what will be the bottom of my pallet garden and the sides.



I filled the bottom of the pallet up with potting soil and me and my daughters planted our pallet garden. I threw a cilantro plant in there I was growing in the kitchen in the garden and TaDa! A Salsa Garden!!




There is an empty space in the back on the right. I’m thinking some kind of onion to complete my salsa ingredients. I already have a few banana peppers and a Jalapeno pepper growing from where the’ve been sitting on the front porch for the last few weeks. ( I’m a procrastinator )



There she is. Did I mention my very first garden EVER? Of course I need to make her pretty. Make some really cute vegetable markers for sure. I don’t know what else I would do, you will just have to wait and see I guess 😘.

Thanks for stopping by and if you’ve planted your own garden this summer I would sure love to see it in the comments below.
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Upcoming Projects

I’m back, did ya miss me? I was having technical difficulties but now I’m back in business, lol. Today I thought id share with you a few of the diy projects I need to start on. I’m still trying to get that back room cleaned out so it can be a usable living space.

These are a set of Queen Anne (?) style end tables that I rescued off of the side of the road a few years back. I did spray a little white paint on them to remind myself what color I wanted to paint them. I think they would great done in the shabby chic style or with some French graphics transferred to the top of the tables…

This little gem I have big plans for that involve resin and glass stones. I can’t wait to show you.

These nesting tables, you may remember from this post. I purchased them off of a yard sale site on Face Book. As you can see, I already started working on the smaller of the two. I plan on painting these a gloss white with gold dipped legs, much like this other Mid Century Modern side table I finished for the girls “Teenage Lounge”.


Thanks for stopping by, I think I better get to work so I can reveal these beauties soon. Don’t want to keep you waiting!!!
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Father’s Day

I had so wanted to post this yesterday on Father’s Day but remember yesterday was also my bestie’s wedding so I just didn’t have time. 😞

My girls Grandmother, Donekia Day Brown, my ex husbands mother, my friend, my second mom, wrote this Tribute to her father, Derry Johnson, and I felt I had to share it. I was so touched when I read this, I shed tears. She writes so passionately about her father. This is perfect for Father’s Day… Enjoy..


100 Years Legacy
JUNE 14th 1914 – JUNE 14th 2014

My father, Derry Johnson was born exactly one hundred years ago on June 14th 1914(6.14.14) he died on December 24th 1990. He left behind a legacy through his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren that is rich, colorful, and diverse as a beautiful quilt.

Derry was an unsung hero like so many men of color that helped build our country, communities and culture in the last century. He was a part of the American fabric much like a Norman Rockwell picture. He life was one of many rails laid in the name of progress, moving blacks forward to a better future as did the underground railroad. His was a unusual; usual life. A humble man spawned from a humble beginning. He was as unique as he was an everyman. He was my “DADDY”.

His life began on the Delta in Mississippi. His family were “sharecroppers” living and working the land. His father like so many fathers of the time was another spectrum of “Mister” and his mom (my Big Mama) was truly the sweet soft spoken gentle shade of “Miz. Ceeily. They were the product of the world of dirt and cotton and discrimination . My dad had a fire in him that wanted better. He dreamed of a life for him and a lanky, barefoot , cat-eyed girl on the next farm named Laura (aka Loretta), but I called her “mommy”. His love for her and his hatred of the injustices that existed was the nectar of motivation he needed. So at the ripe “old” age of seven years old (that’s right people s-e-v-e-n) he sat out into the world, riding the rails (hobo) to make a life for himself and to keep the promise he made to the girl he loved. That he would return one day for her (he kept that promise,like so many others he made to himself). When daddy turned seven it was the beginning of prohibition, the roaring twenties, the jazz age. People, it was a different America, a kid on his own was not questionable. There were no laws, childcare, DCFS, those things did not exist. He educated himself in the manner of Lincoln, teaching himself to read. Over time my dad learned and mastered a variety of skills and trades that not only better his life, it enriched the lives of us all. It allowed us,his children to live a self sufficient carefree childhood. My Dad was a skilled carpenter, electrician, barber, cook, auto mechanic, body repairman, roofer, steelworker, railroad man, driver, fisherman etc..etc… He could cut my brothers hair, cook breakfast, repair dents in the car and paint it, install a new furnace all in the someday. He attack every task with the precision and perfection of a Maestro directing the philharmonic.

Daddy was talented and very witty with a “thousand watt” smile, known to friends and family as “Candy Lee” ( nickname of his first grandson/Candy) he was always “easy breezy”. He could speak french fluently (from the war) if you asked him. His walk had a cadence that was deliberate and stealthy. He was a man’s man. His was not an easy life or journey but he never complained or spoke ill of it, not one single day. He never raised his voice to my mother or us. He never called any women out of her name. He never used the word “lie” especially when speaking to my mother. He never refuse my mother any thing she wanted, any dream she had, any good deed she wanted to do. He never turned anyone away from his table or door. My dad did the “hard work” so that my mom could do “good works”. He was her number one fan and happy to be it. His best friend was his brother Walter Jr. “Uncle Bud”. He was devoted to his mom Bertha Mae(Big Momma), and sister Mary Lee. He cherished his children and adored his grandchildren (especially that Cakes). He was the definition of an honorable man. Once, a teller at the Cottage Grove currency exchange accidentally gave my father an envelop with at least ten thousand in it. Although we had bills due, groceries needed, etc. when my father got home and realized the mistake, without hesitation or discussing he immediately went back to the exchange and return it. That teller, was so grateful, she became a lifelong family friend. That was my dad.

My dad was born during the infancy of the twentieth century. A century that saw huge leaps in civilization progress. In his lifetime he witness the modernization of our culture and country. He saw great presidents (FDR;Eisenhower: Kennedy), leaders (Ghandi;M.L.K.), sports legends (Jessie Owens, Joe Louis; Jackie Robinson) and history being made (five U.S. wars). He fought in WWII and was proud of it (he received medals). From slice bread to microwave popcorn he witness and enjoyed everything in his lifetime. His was an ordinary, extraordinary life.

By; Day Day
This is dedicated to the Great-Grandchildren of Derry Johnson, who unfortunately missed seeing his smile. (it was so worth it!)

By: Day Day



the above Tribute has been shortened and is only a part of what
Donekia wrote.

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Presents for Dad

I wish I could say Father’s Day is just around the corner but it’s actually tomorrow! Yes tomorrow we celebrate our the wonderful men in out lives we call Dad! A girls first love and a boys first hero. My girls and I worked on 2 Father’s Day presents for my Dad today.
First we started with a card. You may seen these fabulous handmade cards using candy bars on Pinterest. I’m not sure exactly what they are called but i searched candy bar sayings for dad on Google Images and they have lots of different ones.
The girls and I hit the grocery store and although we didn’t find all the candy bar we were searching for ours ended up just as cute as the others I’ve seen online. Check it out…

This was so easy and turned out so great we made a second trip to the store for more candies to use on one for my honey. Shhhh don’t tell him..

Ok I know I said two gifts. The idea for my dads other present came from The Shanty 2 Chic blog site. You can find the tutorial for these great Name Signs here.
I wanted to do my dads last name, my maiden name. Moon. Whitney from Shanty to Chic used Dollar store frames so I headed there myself to grab some. I spent about 20 minutes searching through the picture frames until I finally came across four black plastic 3.5 x 5 that matched in size. The color didn’t matter, I was gonna paint them anyway.

I removed the backs and glass from the frames. I used a small paintbrush and painted them with an off white acrylic paint I had on hand.


Sorry the pictures are so dark. I promise I’m working on getting a new camera.

While I waited for the paint to dry ( about 2 hours, after doing two coats ) I hit the internet I find my letters. I actually use the same site Whitney did and just printed them out in black and white on a white card stock. I replaced the glass, cut each letter to fit ( 3.5 x 5 ) And simply tore off the frame stand from the back of the frames. I took my sanding block and lightly distressed each of them. So here’s where the wrench in my plans come in. After searching through my scrap wood I could not find a piece that was wide enough in height to use to attach my frames to like my inspiration piece . So what did I do? I made do. I grabbed a left over piece from another sign project and what do you know,It was almost exactly the same length as the four frames layed side by side. To finish it up I screwed a picture hanger to the back of the board and hot glued each frame on the reverse side.

Back ( before I added the picture hanger )



My version turned out great and I think I like it better without the wood showing, atleast for my dad’s wall. I totally forgot to take a picture after we hung it up but I promise next time I’m at his house I will update this post with a picture of it hung up. The total cost for the Name Sign? $4 plus tax for the frames. Everything else I had on hand. This may be my first sign like this but it definitely won’t be the last.

Here’s Dad’s Father’s Day presents..


We celebrated a day early because my Bff’s wedding is tomorrow!! I can’t wait!!

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